Thursday, July 18, 2013

Possible Batman Beyond Movie: Good or Bad Idea?

There is a rumor going around that the next batman film could possibly be based of the 90's cartoon Batman Beyond. Which if you are unaware stars a high school boy named Terry McGinnis, who is given the opportunity to protect Gotham with the tech from his new mentor. The mentor is an aged retired version of Batman's best Bruce Wayne, which means Batman Beyond is based around 2019.

The Good

The best possible scenario in my opinion, would be to run a Batman Beyond film series while keeping the normal Bruce Wayne version of Batman in a Justice League film. This gives the opportunity for a slightly older actor to portray Bruce in Justice League, then with the magic of Make-up and clever thinking have that same actor portray the older Bruce to mentor Batman Beyonds Terry McGinnis. This would allow a completely fresh sci-fi version of Batman in a new creative world that looks similar to the futuristic scenes in The Wachowski's Cloud Atlas. The character of Terry would be more relatable to the younger audience, and also offer a fantastic coming of age story if written correctly. The best part of all is years down the line if they do use the same actor for both versions of Bruce Wayne, the Justice League franchise could clash with Batman Beyond and show a powerful intriguing reason as to why Bruce hung up the cape. Weather it be someones death or something personal it would add a sense of mystery throughout the Batman Beyond films that could lead to a revelation worth the wait.

The Bad

With the knowledge of what some comic book fans think of the previous Batman Trilogy by Chris Nolan, their argument would be that there still hasn't been a perfect incarnation of the Caped Crusader. Chris Nolan's was more grounded and without several writing progressions Christian Bale could never stand in a battle with Henry Cavill's Superman. So why would we force our way into a futuristic series without offering a perfect incarnation of Batman first. Though perfection is impossible and someone will always hate, it is a logical argument to bring up. Most people would want another solo Batman film even though I feel Nolan already offered some of the best cinema can offer. Yeah we can live with two incarnations, we have two different Spiderman in the last 10 years and it hasn't taken away from the older version at all. Perfecting a rich character that is loved may be needed again before jumping into the future. Not to mention Batman Beyond from what I remember doesn't have the rich rogue gallery that the Batman series had. Though I believe the Joker would still be around (even though another Joker is looking at an uphill battle) the other villains are much less interesting than the ones Batman had. I guess you could always use one of Batman's unused villains like DeathStroke or Hush and implement them in Batman Beyond without little backlash.


You can very well reboot Batman and people will see it, however you are going to be looking at film that has so many bars to reach that anything less than Dark Knight Trilogy numbers will be looked at as a disappointment. That is why I believe that keeping Bruce Wayne as just a Justice League member without a solo film, allow the judgmental nature of some to soften. We have seen Batman enough, Nolan gave me at least everything I wanted to see. I want DC and Warner Brothers to move on with other character, Batman would work great as a Justice League only character, who can even be the Samuel L Jackson like bridge and show up in other solo films for publicity reasons. I am all for Batman Beyond and I hope this article at least made you consider the possibilities.

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